About me


 Hello folks!

 I was born in 1983 and come from a small town in Italy (Fondi). I am a graduate Software Engineer (M.Sc.) with a big passion for  computer graphics and new technologies.

 I love art and like to keep refreshing my mind challenging new problems, that require to explore new innovative solutions and stay up to date with the latest technologies.

My experience range from traditional software development to web applications development and computer graphics. Today I am a freelance professional, collaborating with various studios around the globe.

CG related specialities: Character/Rigging TD, Dynamics TD, Pipeline and tools developer.

Maya and Python/MEL scripting (Advanced)

C++/Python Maya API programming (Average)

Cinema 4d and COFFEE / XPresso programming (Advanced)

ZBrush (Average)

Realflow (Advanced)

Houdini (Average)

Nuke (Basic)


Software related specialities: Design and Development of Web applications / mobile applications.

Html, Javascript, Ajax (jQuery), CSS (Advanced)

PHP, MySql (Laravel, Yii, Symfony frameworks) (Advanced)

Asp .NET (MVC, Entity Framework, Workflow foundation), MsSql (Average)

Java EE, Jsp (JBoss, SEAM) (Basic)

C++ (Basic)

Flash and Actionscript 3 (Average)

iOS Obj-C, Android (Average)




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