tsFrameBlendshapes tool

This tool is part of my personal toolset.
It let’s you easily create, connect and animate animation based corrective blendshapes,.
Just go to the frame you want to correct/deform, hit “Sculpt” and edit the shape of your mesh. The cool thing is that the script works on pose: you can sculpt the corrective shape in any pose, then the script will bring back your deformed mesh in base pose automatically to create your corrective shape.
Coded in python.


      1. Can’t wait to check it!
        If you feel like it, I may become a beta testers of yours!! Just let me know!
        I have also beta tested some other plugins and scripts by far, so I may help if you want.

  1. please please make this available! this is the perfect tool for a project and theres no other script like this out there,

    I beg you, imagine some guy begging you

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