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Tommaso Sanguigni.
Technical Director (Rigging, Effects) and Computer Engineer

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Demo reel 2013

My demo reel 2013 is up. Take a look here: Thanks!

Procedural spider rig

Rig made for a tv mini series. Set up of various expression to drive the procedural walking. Each leg has its own procedural expression, so the local distance during walking are correctly evaluated for each leg.


While rebuilding entirely the website, I took some spare time to create this illustration. Enjoy it and keep crawling around for the new website


Hi all, My work and other stuff kept me away from updating the website for a long time. I am going to come up with a new webiste in the next weeks, with update contents and free tools for you. Stay tuned!

tsPoseSpaceDeformer demo

This is a demo of one of my latest tools. It is inspired to the Michael Comet’s pose space deformer plugin, but with a substantial difference: no extra plugin is needed. The pose space deformation is realized by creating a corrective blendshape target driven by a node network. Here is how it works: - Select [...]

Cover illustration, Cinema 4d bookazine

My “Mech Chameleon” illustration has been chosen as cover image for the Cinema 4d bookazine. You can check it out here: Cinema4D essentials

tsFrameBlendshapes tool

This tool is part of my personal toolset. It let’s you easily create, connect and animate animation based corrective blendshapes,. Just go to the frame you want to correct/deform, hit “Sculpt” and edit the shape of your mesh. The cool thing is that the script works on pose: you can sculpt the corrective shape in [...]

Instancing random objects preserving frequency

Hi all. After the post talking about the math involving frequency for procedural animation, it is now time to talk about the randomness. During the production in studio we had to deal with the following question: instantiate some base objects along particles randomly to form a crowd, using the Maya Instancer, but having the control [...]

keyBaker tool

Download it here: Key Baker Purpose: This plugin bakes the animation on the selected objects and save the bake on a file. You can then import and apply the baked animation just by browsing the bake file in the Import tab. How it works: For each selected object, the script saves the values of each [...]

Featured on Ballistic Publishing Exposè #8

Hi, My face is around the big artists over the globe, thanks to Ballistic publishing Exposè, issue #8. On the background the town where I grew up, Fondi (ITALY). href=”

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Did you fill up the tank on mars?


Mech chameleon


iPod touch in game


Cyber frog


Mech butterfly


T-rex running

  • Runway
  • Did you fill up the tank on mars?
  • Mech chameleon
  • iPod touch in game
  • Cyber frog
  • Mech butterfly
  • T-rex running

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